This first blog will be about how I got to where I am and the following ones will be about the process as I go. I started on my first novel a little over three years ago. I was drawing my closest friends as fantasy characters and when I finished I was so curious about who these people where that I started jotting down notes on were they where from ect. The next thing I knew I was spending my free time writing on this story from my make shift outline. I showed it to my then boyfriend (now husband) who encouraged my to continue writing.

I worked mainly on the weekends and in the summer. I attended a workshop on dreams. There the speaker told us to ask God what he wanted us to do. The books were what came to me. I was shocked; even though I had worked on this project I was doing it completely for myself. The idea that I would pursue publishing had not occurred to me. I also stared to focus my thoughts on what I wanted though visioning. I saw myself happy writing at my desk, opening a box of my book from the publisher. In a month I had manifested a laptop and a desk/chair to write with and I set a goal to have the first novel completed before i returned to work.

I finished the bulk of the writing with one week to spare. Then, it was edited by my beloved English teacher friend and I edited it again. Then I made 10 copies and sent it to a very loyal test audience of 15 people  for feedback. I read through each person’s notes and did a second edit. This brought me to the third summer, I sent it off to be professionally edited. While I was waiting for the edit to come back I began work on the sequel, it is currently half-finished.

Since then I have read up on how to get an agent and am taking writing classes.  I am working on polishing the first novel so it is acceptable. Right now it is over 100,000 words and for fantasy they really want less than 75,000, so I have some trimming to do. But that is the beauty of having some space from the work. I’m reading it over and it is much simpler to see where I digressed and cut those parts out.

The last workshop that I went to was all about dialog. I plan to double-check that when I finish with the overall edit. In other news I have decided to leave my 9-5 and write full-time for a year. I hope to finish book two, get an agent and begin book three. I also have several ideas for other books that I want to flesh out in outline form and perhaps work on simultaneously. It’s a little scary to be my own boss but I know that I can do this. I owe it to myself to read this dream to its end.

Right now I am writing on Monday nights. I plan to try to blog once a week to give an update on the work.

See you soon,



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