Visioning- a key tool in motivation


I am a believer in positive thought and the power it can have in your life. When I started this process I used visualization to focus on the things I needed to accomplish to bring me closer my goals. I also focused on the way I wanted to feel. This is the most important part. Good can come to you in many ways so the “way” that it come is not that important but the way you want to feel about the experience is.

This is a picture of my vision board. I have original drawings, vistas from the story and goals all pasted together.  I look at this while writing to keep me focused on the things I want to achieve. I also practice visualization after my morning work out/ yoga session. I sit for 3-5 min and just picture the life that I am trying to create and how different aspects of that experience would feel to achieve.

I know this may sound strange to people who have never practiced it with such intention before. But I can tell you that it works. I manifested a computer, support team and a desk to work at all using this technique. I have also completed dead lines and gotten past writer’s block. Currently I am seeing the agent meant to work with me and help me to make my book all it can be.

This process takes time and you have to be willing to accept good in what ever form it takes which can be challenging. I have found though that by letting go of specific ideas of “how” things should happen that things come faster and in better ways than I could have ever imagined.

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