Claim your space


It is something that every person with a passion should do for themselves. In my case this means a large positive place with few distractions to do my writing.

My old desk was a secretary style desk. It worked fine until I needed to use a lap top and have documents or other resources out . Also the table was too tall for me to type comfortably on my lap top.

I promised myself over spring break that I would prepare the office for me spending a lot more time in it. I checked out Craig’s list to see if there was anything interesting for cheep. I found one desk that might have worked but I decided to hit a few stores and see what was out there.

I went to Target, Wal-Mart and Bargain Town(a furniture outlet store). Target had one desk that maybe would have worked, Wal-Mart had nothing. But Bargain Town had a lot of desks for my price range (under 200$).

I wanted one that was larger in top size than my last one, with no hutch. There were a couple to choose from that suited my needs.

I got it home and spent 2 hrs putting it together. Then I emptied the old desk and reorganized my stuff in the new one. I like that I can put the lap top on the keyboard space and it is the right height so I don’t strain my wrists.

More than  that it was important to make a space in my study dedicated to writing. Not just make shift. I believe in the power of intention. What does it say if the thing you love is only given half the space it needs? Is hidden in a corner? Or worse yet moved from place to place because it has no real home.

Your dreams are only as palpable as you make them. If you do not believe and give them respect do you think anyone else will?

I am excited that I chose to love this space and get it ready. I know that putting love into it now will only come back to me later when I’m hard at work writing all day. Remember to cherish your dreams. They are how you will change the world, one dream at a time. Namaste.


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