Setting goals


So I attended a small group meeting of a law of attraction group on setting goals. It was interesting and challenging. After years of teaching I view myself as someone who knows how to set goals and meet them but I found myself questioning the true nature of the thoughts behind my goals and whether or not I really believe in the things I am trying to do.

If you know anything about “the law of attraction” you know that thoughts create your reality and manifest in the world around you. I believe in this somewhat but I am becoming more in tune with the idea that what I do really does change things. One of the group members asked me “Why do you have to do it that way? Why can’t it happen some other way?” It was something that I never really thought about. Maybe I could manifest in a nontraditional rout. And then I thought , I don’t want to. Which leads to expectations. Expectations are a killer. They stop good from flowing in the most direct path to you, blind you from good that is manifesting all around but you can’t see it because it doesn’t  look like what you want it to.

This was especially irksome because I was talking about the goals I “do” have in place when these comments were said. Thankfully instead of being offended or hurt I thought instead. Do I have to totally finish the edit before finding the right agent for me? Not necessarily. Do I have to do all the stuff they say you do in order to get published? There are people who don’t and are famous now. All that said I have to move forward in the direction that I believe serves my path. I love this change in my life. I believe that the work I am doing now on the manuscript is really making it stronger and clarifying view points and characters. For me I need to know that I have done my best before i put it out there. But at the same time I must hold the intention that “it will happen” not might or could. I have to hold that I “will” find an agent that is just as passionate about my work as I am and gets it so they can sell it to a publishing house for its uniqueness.

That in mind -back to the goals thing- I want to start focusing on the things that I want to happen by starting a manifestation journal. I will write in it about the things that I am trying to call forth into my life and when these things come to fruition. This is the work that I can do now while I am in the waiting. I can focus my vision so that it is clear when I begin. I would say that I learned a lot. I think it is valuable to put yourself in different situation with different people to gain a fresh perspective and take on things.


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