Getting Organized


So I spent the better part of an hour last night organizing my three calendars, yes I have three.  1-Google calendar that my husband and I “share” are digital responsibilities on, 2-a pocket one that goes everywhere with me, 3-large write it in the box type in my office.  I found by doing this that  I have few interesting things coming up. Like the day I scheduled two doctors appointments and a concert on the same day. 🙂

I also realized that I’m taking another writing course on April 5th on how to improve the fist 5 pages of your novel. I have to submit them to the teacher this weekend so she can go over them before the class. I decided in this fit of scheduling that I would do a weekly time line for myself once I’m not working. It turned out nicely and when something like this:

6:00 get up

6/7:00 meditate

7/73 eat

7:30-9 Write (organizational/ email/phone calls ect)

9/11 yoga/gym /work out

11/12 lunch shower

12/5:00 write

So that is what I will be shooting for come June about 6/ 6 1/2 hrs everyday maybe more depending.  After I got all that done I worked on the beginning of my novel. I was quite pleased with what I wrote and now need to make sure that it flows with the rest so it will be ready to submit Saturday. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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