First five pages


I’m attending a writing workshop next Saturday on how to make the first five pages of your novel catch the editors/readers attention. I have to send in my pages one week in advance. I’m brushing it up today after re-writing part of it earlier this week. I’m excited about this class. The beginning of my novel has always needed the most work because of how I started writing it. So it will be goof to it to get some intensive work. I’ll write more after I take the class.

Wow, so that class just kicked my butt. There is so much work to do. The story line is good but I got told over and over that I need to explain more but introduce less information. On the positive side she did encourage me to make the novel as large as it needs to be without cutting out the explaining. So here I go again on chp 1. I know in my head that everything that I am learning is good and that with each revision my book is getting stronger. But it is discouraging to start over all the time. If I did think the information was correct or useful I would just say bump it and move on but i know that they are right and I want my novel to be the best that it can. Also in the way of encouragement she said that I can put my manuscript out there myself and that is perfectly acceptable. So here I go again this time “showing, not telling” and giving a lot more background information. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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