making it better


It is an interesting process as a new writer the revising thing. You write it, you make all the corrections that you can think of and then you have someone else read it. What usually happens next is that I hear, learn or get something that I just didn’t know about before and then I have to go back and do it all again. I am not to the point were over editing is anywhere on the horizon, if such a thing exists.  But what I do see is my writing grow and change and morph into something that is better and deeper than it was before.

I am currently seeking other writer mentors for myself so that I can glean what they have to offer. Today I got a very helpful, its like going back to college, expect it to take a few years. In a way that takes a lot of pressure off doing it “now” and opens the door for the best possible writing instead of the fastest. So here’s to revision and all that it can bring out in writing when given that chance.


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