Making time


I had this mad desire to be hyper productive after all of my learning experiences last week but the 9-5 hit me like a train, after work obligations piled up and all the time went poof. I’m thing a head to tomorrow. Go to swim class at 9am come home start laundry, vacuum, buy groceries and fit writing in there some where. Luckily its supposed to rain so I won’t be lulled out by sunshine which I don’t see much of these days. So in order to have time, I have to have a plan. Organization and meaningful intention don’t just drop out of the sky.

1 start laundry

2 go to swim class

3 lunch/vacuum

4 shower

5 write only getting up to rotate laundry

6 some time after 3pm buy groceries

I will make a preemptive  strike tonight by sorting the laundry and doing the meal planning for the week. This way my non-writing tasks will take less time. No plan = wasted time. It is frustrating right now “finding” time to write when soon I will be able to do it all the time. In a way I wonder how together I will be but I know from years of teaching that a good plan, well thought out and realistic is a good place to start and I got loads in that department.


The plan worked! I got a little side tracked but the writing got done and that was the main goal. I can buy food tomorrow. It feels good to have chp 1  in a better place. I really feel like it has a shape and a purpose now. I don’t have to think of it as the most unorganized part of the book.


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