HS awakening


I painted this seascape in high school my senior year. It is done in acrylic on canvas board.

At the time it was one of best works. I start with this because this was one of the very first works I looked at after it was finished and  said “I did that?”. I keep it for that reason. It hangs in my guest bathroom with all my other “beach” things.

I did a lot of experimenting in this piece. The water should be a brackish brown all over but my idealism would let me get away with that so it a bit disjointed. The drift wood is more accurate though not shaded well which makes it a little 2D. But the framing of the water through it is what makes the piece work.

I think as an artist it is important to keep records of your work and remind yourself where you have been and where you are going. Some times looking back provides more than just perspective it can remind you why you loved some thing to begin with.


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