4 steps to a hero/heroine journey


I attended a really fun workshop today on the hero’s journey. It was interesting for me because the presenter used movie clips to show the different aspects of the journey as well as give examples from multiple generas.

Here is the brief run down:

1-Your character where they are. Ordinary guy, ordinary world. Make sure (in as brief as you can) that your audience gets why your character needs change. This could be any kind of change big or small.

2-Your character is in a brave new world. They are the same but everything around them has changed and they have to learn how to relate. This section of the story culminates in something happening to change the character permanently.

3-Your character does something based on their personal change that changes the new world they found themselves in and they realize that this world cannot last.

4-Your character returns to their “real” world but that world is better because of who they have become/ what they have experienced.

So lets have a few examples.

Harry Potter book 1- Harry hates his life, harry goes to school, Harry finds a “family” of his own, harry returns to the real world but with hope.


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