Small Steps


So I have decided to start entering photos and short work into contests. This makes a lot of extra things to do but it is an effective way to build the repertoire while waiting to get a novel published.

I was literally overwhelmed by the sheer number of contests out there with and without entrance fees. I decided that no more than 50$ a month will be spent on entrance fees. This make me be picky and not try to enter everything under the sun. Also I don’t want to enter anything that gives the contest the right to my work permanently.

I know that along with the site I need to be doing this. It is important to have a base audience to show that you as the author understand that nature of the publishing beast and are doing what you can to grow your name even if it is just in local recognition.

This is why I have been adding features to the web site. The more people I can get walking through the better. Hopefully over time people will like the site enough to subscribe and follow along all the time. I think knowing what you want to do to put yourself out there helps. I wanted my site to be about the journey of a beginning writer, to document in a way the struggles and joys of pursuing somethingĀ  different and challenging.

So here I go off on the next endeavor.


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