Writing Circles


I attended my first real writing circle last night, it was amazing. I was very impressed by the organization and level of dedication to authentic critique about the work. If you are like me you live in some level of moderate anxiety to fear of situations like this. That said the more calm rational part of me knows that if I am ever to become a successful writer then I have to suck it up and learn to take it like a woman because these people are nothing compared to a literary critic’s review or getting ripped by and editor.

The first half of the meeting was group members reading works for the sake of sharing then with the group. The second half was a group critique of works submitted to their yahoo group forum. That the group members edit and post, then discuss once a month at the meeting. It was fascinating to listen and watch. I got so much out of the way they explained why they recommended certain changes and clarifications.

I see now why so many authors recommend writer’s circles.

My goal is to have something ready for next month. I’m going to another writer’s circle next weekend and will see if it is as productive and inspiring as this one. Weather it is or not I will be returning to this one.


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    • We’ll see. I posted my first piece to get critiqued next month. I have already received an on line crit and the guy ate my lunch. It was good for the book and my ever thickening skin. I’ll post more once I’ve been to the meeting.

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