Writing Circles #2


I attended a different writing circle this afternoon. It had a completely different feel that the one a went to two weeks ago. This group is predominantly women and I’m the only fantasy writer. In a way this is helpful because they would not normally read fantasy so I get feed back from an audience that is potentially hard to please and will truly notice those moments when the writing needs to be tighter or faster.

It was interesting listening to all the different stories and the personality of each. The format was much lass structured than the other group and we went over time by about an hour and a half critiquing one short story, three first chapters of novels (5-14 pages) and one short dialog outline. I think most of the uneventful time was spent because there was no formal way to discuss afterwords and people got side tracked on other topics trying to help the different writers.

I do think that this is a good group and I think that I will continue to go for the difference in perspective. On a personal note I found that I like to talk a little too much and found myself trying to self edit and not jump in on things. In my other group this is not possible because of the time limit (each person gets 3min so that everyone gets to speak).

I’m excited about doing the edits and posting chp 1 on my other reading circles page so that it can get the “big” critique next month. Here’s to keeping, keeping on.


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