What is your favorite beach activity?


What is your favorite beach activity?

I am a comber. It started when I was small walking with my dad and “saving” beached horse crabs. Later I collected shells, devil’s pods, sea grasses and coral. I love to pick up a shell and see if someone is still in there. I have to limit myself to one shell per-visit.

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  1. Floating has to be my favorite beach activity. I know that sounds kind of boring, but there’s something so primal and almost womb-like about swimming out past the breakers and then just letting yourself go to float on top of the water. Arms out, eyes closed, legs and spine relaxed, warm water completely surrounding you, rocking softly as the waves roll by, and the sound of your own breathing in your ears…it’s like you’re completely connected to the ocean, a part of something so vast that you can’t comprehend it. And it’s incredibly peaceful.

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