The last day of school


Today is the last day of school. Students will come in half glazed over with summer in their eyes, their minds far from the tests they are taking. It is only a half day so it should go by quickly for them or not if they have the whole time creeping phenomenon. I used to enjoy the last two days of school; signing year books, asking students about their future plans.

But today has a totally different feel. It is my last day as a teacher. i have devoted five years of school and seven years teaching to this profession I walk away from. To say I am not certain of my choice would be a lie but I hadn’t expected the somberness of this morning. Funny how we manage to avoid things until they are the “last” of anything. Today I will smile and hug and send my students off into the world. I will congratulate, swap info and smile when I know that staff will go one for the long haul without me.

I will also cry, though I try not too because of the people and students who have touched my life. I have become the person I always wanted to be while working here. I would never have become who I am today without their help in all its varied ways. So as I get myself together for my last day of school I will add gratefulness to the things I carry into the building this morning.


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