And we begin


I must admit that I woke up a little blue yesterday. Not so this morning. I am light of heart and ready to finish the race. I know that I will miss people but I feel a release and acceptance of the path ahead; the path I have chosen.

When I got home last night I had a little “freak out” moment as my ego tried to convince me that I was making the worst decision of my life leaving a secure job and stepping out into the world of the self-employed. But my heart wouldn’t have it. I fussed and fumed and then sat down and wrote about my hopes and dreams. It felt good to see that I have a plan. That I have been working towards this moment for the better part of four years whether I realized it or not. That I realize the nature of this endeavor and am looking at it with open not so dreamy eyes.

That said no fire burns with out fuel. In that spirit I wrote about my hopes for my writing; what in the end do I want to achieve? Fame? Money? Power? Lets hope not, at least not solely for themselves. I realize that like my teaching what I want is to make a connection with people. I want to say something that helps them realize themselves more. Helps them open to new possibilities. I know that these things are ultimately the choice of the individual but I know from my own experience that some times the seed starts it all.

So here’s to new choices and crazy big dreams. To all the people through out my life who in big and small ways said “its possible.” You will never know how you made this day a dream come true instead of a dream deferred. Thank you for believing, encouraging and kicking my but down the road of  “yes you can.”


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