What natural phenomenon are you afraid of?


What natural phenomenon are you afraid of?

I know this sounds strange but it came to mind because my husband and I are going on vacation and going to a cave. I love caves but my best friend hates them (she’s claustrophobic). In college we took a spring break trip to the mountains and I dared her to go into some caves with me and she dared me to climb a mountain with her (I’m afraid of heights).

So what bugs you about this wonderful rock that we live on?


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  1. I don’t like thunder and lightning. I used to love the lightning, and even photos of it I still like, but being caught in a storm when the sky is flashing, windows are rattling, and the whole house trembles… no thank you. Reading about how many people are struck by lightning, I’m actually surprised more people aren’t afraid of it. Or perhaps they keep that fear to themselves? hmm…

  2. Snakes. But not the way most people are afraid of them. I’m fascinated by them and if I see them before I get to them I’ll stop and admire- even pick them up if I know they’re not poisonous. But I have a strange, nervous fear any time I’m hiking or rock climbing that somehow I’ll put a hand or foot on one that I couldn’t see until it’s too late and I’m a fang-cushion. I check gaps and holes in rocks and logs before I step over them or sit down, fearing for my ankles and legs. They’re one of the few things I have creepy-crawly nightmares about if I watch a TV show with them and then go to bed. And yet I love the way snake skin feels when it slides through your fingers. Weird, huh?

  3. My fear is to cross the street because when i was 5 i got hit by a black ford truck and ever since then it just freaks me out.

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