How it all comes together


Of all the pieces for the show this turned out to be one of the most interesting and meaningful to me. I had these small 5X7 canvases for a while (my husband bought them for my birthday at least a year ago). I knew that I wanted the show to be about animals. So I dug up my best photographs and drawings.

During this endeavor I snooped for some poetry written in an old journal. While flipping through the pages I found these images of totems and animal spirit guides. I was touched by their intimacy and honesty scribbled across the pages. I knew that they were meant to be in the show. So I photo copied them. I started by using acrylic inks for the backgrounds, then a mogpodged the images onto the canvas. I inked over that to make sure that it didn’t look to collagie. Then the real work began. In college I discovered pens and nibs. Since then I have gathered a small collection of different types and colors of ink. Slowly I worked on each one pulling out the details, adding a metallic shimmer here and there. I did not intend to make a triptych but when I looked at the three of them finished it was obvious that they belong together. It is hard to express in words how making art opens the interior spaces.  When I get lost in the making my mind is quiet, my heart is open and I know that what I do is not only for myself but for the person’s my work will touch.

I can honestly say that this show is the first that really reflects who I am now versus who I have been in the past. My first show was all stuff from college. I had way too much of it and wanted it gone. My second show was mostly photography and though the art was okay I didn’t put my heart in it and it flopped. Now I find myself at show number three. I love these works in a way that is hard to articulate. I look at the images and paintings and I see feelings and moments in my life, but to every one else they see a pelican or a shell. I know that in some way we all have memories that are connected to images, smells and places I can only hope that there is something true in my work that resonates beyond the limited scope of my own experience and reaches out into something more universal.


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  1. These are truly lovely. So very “you” in the way that I have always seen you and your art. Beautiful without a lot of “fuss”, full of meaning, depth, and intimacy, simple and uncluttered at fist glance, but rich in detail once you look closely. I can’t wait to hear how well your show goes. I have a feeling this will turn out even better than you expect.

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