Who did you pretend to be as a kid?


Who did you pretend to be as a kid?

My sister and I used to play Robin hood in the woods next to my parents house. We were always the good guys and the looser had to be maid Marion. We also played pirates in an apple tree that served as a ship and on especially creative days a dragon.


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  1. My first childhood friend and I played princesses and pirates. I was ALWAYS the pirate, unless she was feeling mean and made me be the princess. I wanted to carry the sword and defeat the loser (usually played by her little sister) who tried and failed to rescue the princess.

    Later, after I started school and had different friends, we were explorers tromping through the woods to discover new and dangerous lands. We built forts, hung ropes for river crossings, mapped out landmarks, and created vivid stories about the adventures we were having. On really creative days we were wild creatures living secretly in the forest, hiding from civilization and subsisting on roots, berries, and river water.

  2. I was an explorer. We had a picnic table and benches in the backyard and I’d put the benches on top of the table with the legs facing in to form a an shallow enclosure. Voila! It was transformed into a canoe. Using a broom as my paddle I’d leave my bratty brothers and sister behind to go off on adventure in some previouly undiscoverd land.

    Neither head hunters or giant boa constrictors scared me. I was invincible in my khaki shorts and pith helmet with my trusty machete at my side. Why on earth any girl would want to play with dolls and host tea parties when a whole world was out there waiting to for us was beyond my comprehension. I still feel that way. I want to go everywhere and do everything. My “bucket list” is so long I’m going to have to live forever.

    • That’s awesome. I have a friend who is an explorer type she just left the country for a year to write, and i thought I was brave! That’s for sharing your story it made me smile.

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