Some times it all works out


Today was the opening of my show. It was warmly received and I got lots of really encouraging words about my photography and art.The show is divided into four different sections: Totems, Animals, Plants and Fine Art. Looking back there was a lot of steps involved.

1- Making the art

2- Buying matts and frames (2hrs in Hobby Lobby)

3-Putting it all in frames and cleaning the glass (another several hr project)

4-Making the art tags, artist bio, order form and business cards (one afternoon)

5-Hanging the show (2hrs + second trip to hobby lobby)

6-Working the show (4 Sundays 9:30-1pm)

Today was worth all the work. With in the first 10 min of the show being up two pieces sold. I sold about four by the time morning service started. Between 1st and 2nd service I sold a few more including a big framed photo of a pelican in flight. I went to 2nd service with my husband and then ducked out the last five to be ready in the fellowship hall.

I ended up selling 8-10 pieces and made a grand total of 295$. That is the best I have ever done. I think at my first show I made around 250$ after a month of it being on display. I was told by the lady  who works in our book store that I made more money today than anyone has ever made on a show at the church. It was really affirming that people responded to my work so well.

I am planning to have a booth at the church’s business fair at the end of the month. I think I might make sets of stationery cars and maybe (fingers crossed) get my poetry together as another option. Its crazy now that I work for myself all the different options that are before me. I just have to stay focused and not get too scattered. But here’s to a job well done! Yeah me!


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  1. It’s always good to hear someone other than family to give you positive feedback. We often discount the ‘positives’ we get from those close to us because we feel they won’t be honest , don’t want to hurt our feelings…whatever the reason. The truth has always been that you are a talented…God-gifted artist who is finally growing into te realization that…yes…all those people can’t be wrong…and yes…you ARE good! Where you choose to take your rat and how much of you you are willing to invest in it balanced against the writing project is up to you to decide.

    If I sound like I am proud of you…I am. I still remember a little curly-headed girl bent over a notebook full of blank pages and holding a fistful of sharpened pencils, trying to make the horrid decision of what to put on that first page. After that, you never had much difficulty gettingstarted…just in choosing the medium to work in.

    Rife the winds andsoar, my love…you have far to go on your journey.

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