Morning Coffee


I’m not a hard-core coffee person. In fact if I find that I’m drinking a cup a day I’ll stop for a week of so because I don’t like the head aches. More often than not I have a cup when I’m out and about.

To me coffee is one of those smells embedded in my brain from childhood. My mother and father both drink coffee on a regular basis and it was a morning, start the day smell growing up. I personally didn’t start drinking coffee until college and jumped right in with flavored espressos. Now I drink it when I want to feel calm. Isn’t that odd. Most people drink coffee to get hyped up but it doesn’t work that way for me, except on an empty stomach or in mass quantities.

I have heard from special education teachers (though this is not back up at all) that caffeine has the opposite effect on people who are hyper active.  I worked at a very small school where the Sped (special ed) kids were allowed to have a cup of coffee in the morning as long as they drank it in the room and didn’t take it out in the halls. they were calmer but it could be because they were half asleep.

So this morning I made myself a cup of coffee. This is a rarity at home. We have a wee baby coffee pot that is sourly neglected. I made the coffee for two reasons. I’m not so motivated this morning, I thought it might help and I want to be nice to myself.

I don’t know about you but I have the meanest person living in my head and yesterdays disrupted schedule got a lot of back lash up there. I know that I’m a beginner and that it will take a little  time to get the bumps smoothed out. So I’m going to ignore that crazy voice in my head and sip my coffee thinking about all the things that I have managed to accomplish and how that is far greater than the times I have failed. That I am more than capable if I put my heart and mind in it.

So I’m off to have that morning coffee. I hope you do something just for your self this morning too.


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  1. I can relate, both to the calming effect coffee seems to have on me, and the mean person living in my own head. Too often we can be overly critical and hurtful to ourselves unnecessarily. I’m glad you have found a way to silence that voice, and reward yourself for your hard work and determination. I am so proud of you 🙂

    • You not crazy, my father in law used to drink several pots a day until his doc told him he had to stop. Thanks about the pic, that’s my Ben if he can find water anywhere he will drink it.

  2. Ah, morning coffee. Without it, I’m not human. Anything that happens before 9, or before coffee, is completely uncivilized. I blame the voice in your head on lack of coffee! But I can understand that voice- coffee or no. I heard myself yesterday telling someone, “I’m not going to be a famous writer; I’m probably not even going to sell a single novel!” And thought, ‘now, that’s awfully negative of me.’ So apparently, my ugly little voice is in full force as well. Evil little demons, aren’t they? But they can be defeated. Love you.

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