Where do you go to relax?


Where do you go to relax?

I like to go outside weather permitting. Nature always relaxes me be it a beach, woods or mountains. But I don’t really like people to be there with me unless they’re the kind of people who get why you go into nature. Cell phones and nature don’t mix.

So tell me I’m dying to know.


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  1. I also go to nature to relax, to escape! Nature of all sorts..sometimes it is my front porch. Being with my animals (dog and two cats) is relaxing too. This may sound crazy, but the gym is relaxing. Zoning out, movement, sound of the treadmill……

    • No, get what you are saying there is something very calming about repetitive motions. When I would teach weaving there would be students mesmerized just weaving back and forth over and over and these where HS kids. Our mind likes to relax even though it fights it. Same thing with exercise except you get happy endorphins too.

    • For me its a lake and a fishing pole. Not so much to catch fish ( I throw them back anyway) but to just get away.

      • Then I was a kid I frequently got sent to summer camp with lots of other kids. That big rock by the pond was my spot. Early in the morning I would go down and watch the mist rise off of the water. It was breath taking.

  2. Nature, definitely- but most specifically either a garden where I can dig or the beach. Beach-therapy, as we’ve called it for years.

    • Nature is great, but spending time in water is my favourite way to relax, be it swimming in the ocean, lake, pool, sinkhole (I miss the Hole!), or staying home and taking a steaming hot shower or bubble bath.

  3. I find watering plants to be absolutely mystical. A cat on my lap is unparalleled in bringing me to peace quick.

  4. Somewhere secluded and away from city noise, with a book, my camera, and the great outdoors for company.
    Either that or tucked up in the corner of the library on a quiet day, with my nose stuck in a book.

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