There is this thing that most women do called “nesting” and at different points in our lives it looks like different things. Most commonly seen when a manic, way to pregnant woman starts cleaning her house, that baby will be here soon. But there are other times when we meed a change and are driven to move furniture, change bathroom towels or buy new plants.

I think women (though there are some fabulous men out there who have the same thing) need to not only claim but make their environment beautiful. I can’t tell you the level to which this affects me. As an ex-military kid that blah color that they paint on all walls the color has a meaning: you don’t live here and you will be replaced and painted over as soon as you are gone, a blip in the life of this structure.

In college I hated never being able to paint or nail anything. I learned to do some pretty amazing things with sticky tack but it’s not the same. I’ve lived in this house for four years. First I repainted my study, then the guest and master bathrooms. My husband is working on his study and we are finally getting around to the living room, the place everybody sees.

There is a little girl in my heart who sings every time we take this place (our home) one more step away from all the blah walls that live in my memory. For a child who knew one way or another we would be moving soon, a place to call home feels like an oasis in the desert.

For all of those who know what I’m talking about, don’t give up, one day you’ll find that place too.


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  1. Nesting is also known (to me ) as returning to sanity. Is it any wonder that the words sanitary and sanity are so similar? When my nest is a mess I know that my behavior is not very sane.

  2. is it weird for a thirteen year old to go through nesting??

    (I’m not copying you. my name really is Amanda Crossley XD )

    • I don’t think so. My sister when we were kids used to move the furniture in our room every couple of months because it bugged her if it stayed the same all the time.

      • ok, good. I was starting to worry for a second. It stinks, though, because it seems like every few months I want to entirely redo my room every few months. my parents probably won’t let me re-paint it for a couple years 😦 but it’s probably good. I might re-do it and then a month later hate it. (but I think my tastes are settling down now)

  3. Amanda – just came across your blog randomly.
    You should send this pic into

    Someone will for sure put a funny comment on it and thousands will laugh. 🙂

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