The orthodontist


I have to go to the orthodontist this morning, it’s not all bad he’s a very nice person and its a family run practice, so that’s good.

I’m hoping for a simple adjustment-change out my wires- but you never know. Last time he came at me with this mini buzz saw and made gaps between my teeth, way scary.

I don’t know many people my age (30) with braces. It seems they all jumped on the middle school/ 9th grade band wagon and got it over with early or like my sister, are just blessed with relatively straight teeth.

But its funny how there are parallels in life everywhere. Going to the orthodontist is a lot like self-improvement, it happens in little and big ways overtime. Fortunately my ortho doesn’t believe in pulling teeth unless he absolutely has to. But a lot of people start out with four holes in their mouths, a relatively rough start.

The first wire he put in was on the top and pulled a tooth forward, then he put the bottom set on (I didn’t have much work to do down there, or so I thought). Over the next couple of months I saw changes. That darn tooth came forward and now sits where it should, but the subtle alignment of the others is taking longer.

This is so my life. I vigorously pursue the big things that are looming in my face: bad communications skills, self-esteem issues ect. But the “smaller” stuff is so much harder, like choosing to change the thoughts that cause that behavior, realizing weight loss doesn’t change anything if I don’t look at “why” I’m eating so much.

So here I go again to have my teeth straitened it could be fast, it could be slow but this morning I will look up and see not a orthodontist but a life teacher. Thank you Dr. Bekish.


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  1. That’s so apropos of my world these days, too. I knew I needed a change and felt pulled in a direction, so focused on all the big things involved in getting here but then, when I got here, I realized I’m not 100% sure what I’m supposed to be learning or looking for. The little things, the internal things, are harder to figure out, aren’t they?

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