You said what?


I come from a very inventive/creative family. From my mother who will take any song and re-write the lyrics to suit what she is doing, the father who can tell anyone a story anywhere even if he doesn’t know them, the brother who waxes philosophical on a regular basis and my sister who writes and sings her own songs.

The women in my family make up words (though I have also found myself singing my own songs as well). I thought it might be amusing to share some of them with you, so here goes.

BO-BO– (my sister’s word) Cheap/ common/ the store brand. EX- Wal-Mart stuff is so bobo.

KRY-MAN-Y: (my word stolen from a college friend) A substitute for any curse word when in the presences of polite company or children. EX. (dropped something) Krymany!

SUPER-GI-MUN-GUS: (my word) Extra big. EX. This pizza is supergimungus.

TEN MILLON YEARS: (my phrase) A description of anything that takes longer than 2min. EX. WOW,  it took ten million years to get through the line at the bank.

BE-JU-ONE: (My word) This is the word for complete happiness, said in threes. EX. Bejuone, bejuone, bejuone.

PERTYFUL: (Best friends word) Pretty and a little garish at the came time. EX. (the overly country kitchen) Wow, that’s so pertyful.

BU-JESUS: (not sure) Frightened. EX. You scared the bujesus out of me.

I’m sure there are many more that are not coming to mind just now. I would love to know what “made up ” words have slipped into your permanent vocabulary.


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