The power of a moment


There is something wonderful about making food. Since I was a small child I have been in the kitchen cooking. I’ am very glad to have had a stay at home mom who did not pull our food out of the freezer but actually cooked each and every meal for us until we were old enough to help out.

My favorite meal growing up was brought-worst, fried potatoes and green beans (my family is part German). One of the very first things I learned to cook was mac and cheese. To this day that’s what I crave when I looking for comfort food.

Since I became mostly vegetarian in 2006 I have had a radical departure in the wayI cook. A lot of the things I enjoyed when I was younger are now things that I modify or just don’t eat any more and my eyes have been opened to the world of ethnic food. There is so much wonderful food that I never knew about. Before meeting my husband I had never eaten eggplant or asparagus or most root vegetables.

Now I love to go to the produce section and pick up something I’ve never seen before and bring it home to figure out what to do with it. The last one was a rutabaga, I made it into a pie. I used beets to make brownies (you can see that I’m the sweet tooth in the family). It is fun and interesting to try new things. Some experiments go wrong but the vast majority are good to great.

So why am I rambling on about cooking. I have this memory of my mom, my sister and I learning to make sugar cookies. I remember my mother crying and I asked her why. She told me that when she makes cooks she remembers all the years she did the same thing with her mom before she passed and that it made her happy but it also made her sad.

I think about that now that I’m married. It is astounding how the little moments of our lives remain: cooking, singing a song, laughing, reading a bed time story. I have to remind myself to stop and watch these moments shine, for it truly isΒ  moments like this that make life is more than worth living.


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  1. I know what you mean. I love to cook, and love to experiment in the kitchen. It wasn’t until I became a vegetarian that I started to experiment with vegetables though. Now I love asparagus, brussel sprouts, turnips & greens, rhubarb, the list goes on. One of my comfort foods is also Macaroni & Cheese, although I prefer homemade over the blue box any day πŸ™‚

  2. hey mrs. crossly its been like forever sice i saw yu i loved yur class it was so funn meh jodi nd kevin will miss yur class we have so many memmores in there lol so neways hows life hope yur book is goin well cant wait to buy it we all 3 will hahah but neway gtg much love lata girl πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Amanda:
    I am working on a piece about afternoon tea. When I was growing up, I visited an Aunt every summer. I do believe she drank tea all day. What I liked was she let me drink it and I was 10. She also let me stay up to 2 AM. Of course we didn’t get up til 10 AM. She didn’t do much but write, cook, visit friends, drink tea and read. I always enjoyed that 2 weeks away from home. She lived 50 miles away and my parents would put me on the greyhound bus and Aunt Ruby met me at the other end. Memories are great aren’t they, especially when they are good.

    • Totally, My favorite house ever is the one my great aunt and uncle still live in, in Cincinnati. It is four stories and as a child I thought it was a castle. Now as a grown up I can see all the love that made it so magical. Thanks so much for the comment.

  4. My mom and I made “rainy day cookies” when I was younger. No specific kind, just because we were bored and stuck in the house and it was something to do. I still think of cookies when it rains all day.

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