Small signs


How do you know that you are loved? It is a fundamental need in all of us to know that we are cared for and about.

When I was younger I thought that love was a big rush, world-changing, epic adventure and it is in the beginning. When I first met and married my husband over six years ago I thought he was better than buttered toast and the “we” made the “perfect ” couple.

After a blissful year of marriage reality set in. Not in a bad way, in a “you live with another human being” way. We didn’t agree on things, had different ways of going about things and don’t use the same tooth paste.

So if I’m not in the middle of hormone central, how do I know that he loves me? Easy, he buys me muffins, hand makes birthday cards and reminds me when our anniversary is. For me love is in the small stuff, snuggling next to each other on the couch, reading a book together, giving a hug when a day is not going so well. I know my husband loves me because he treats me like his best friend. He trusts me with his thoughts, fears and dreams and I do the same.

I can honestly say that if it were not for his encouragement I would not have left my job and be writing full-time. I needed that support to trust what my heart was telling my and that’s what love is. It wants the best for those it cares for. Wants them to expand, grow and achieve their dreams.

So this morning, for no particular reason, I want to thank my sweet husband for his support and love. I hope he knows I love him every bit as much as he loves me.


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