Gramma and butterflies


When ever I see butterflies I think of my paternal grandmother. Her given name is Emily but every one calls her Juanita.

It is funny how over time we come to associate people with images, smells or symbols.

I remember being young and visiting her house. There were butterfly magnets on the fridge, preserved butterflies under glass and cross-stitched pillows. She never crossed over into cluttered or over done but her love of them was obvious.

When I met my best friend in high school I found that she also had a grandmother with a love of butterflies. And I can say that Mrs. Christy was one of the kindest people I have ever met, a true southern lady. I remember when she passed away how devastated my friend was. I went with her to get the only tattoo that she has, a tribal butterfly sitting on top of a heart. It is a reminder that her grandmother will always be with her.

I have been told stories and legends about butterflies. The most poignant being that if a butterfly lands on you, you regain your innocence. I wish that was true. But I can tell you this. There is something magical about standing in a conservatory and watching hundreds of butterflies glide lazily through the air. It is so serene and awe-inspiring, I understand why my grandmother loves them so.

So this is for my sweet grandmother, who loves me over many miles and choices. Thank you for being a source of unconditional love in my life.  I know I am greatly blessed.


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  1. My grandmother’s given name was Edna but everyone called her Sally. It makes me think about picking my own name when I get older and having everyone call me that instead.
    I love butterflies too. They’re so beautiful and peaceful. They have always been a reminder to me that no matter how fast-paced life can get at times, it’s not always like that, and we need to take the time to rest.

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