Unexpected find


Yesterday, I naively took on the task of organizing my digital photography. It was randomly stored on my computer in tones of folders, labeled with events but not much else. So I started by making four big files: Art, Animals, Plants, Other. Into which I made a bunch of sub-folders and started sorting.

I went through subject by subject moving the elephants away from the gorillas, day-lilies from roses. I didn’t even really look up until 4-5pm when my husband asked about dinner. I paused said sure and kept right on going.

By the time dinner was ready it was just before 6pm and I noticed a dull ache in my  hands. That’s when I started thinking about how much work I had done. It was amazing to “find” photos I had forgotten about, to see that moment and remember what it felt like when I took it.

After dinner I continued working on the subcategory part. I realized that I couldn’t find one of my most popular images and I freaked out. First I checked the trash can on my computer it wasn’t there which was a good sign. I searched the directory it should have been put into several times but didn’t see it.

I was getting pretty upset by this point when it came to me to look at the link on my blog to see if the connection was broken. Though several others were, that picture was still intact. This gave me hope, the picture wasn’t gone just in hiding.

I sifted through the trash bin and cleaned it out carefully looking for anything that resembled the picture, nothing. In a last-ditch effort, I closely scanned all of the other directories to see if it was in the wrong place, zero.

In utter frustration I checked its proper directory one more time and there is was laughing at me. I knew at that point I had been working too long. I picked my tiered fingers up off the key board promising myself to back up everything up this morning.

The files look great and I have been busily repairing the broken links over cereal. It was definitely worth all the work. A little break in the middle probably would have prevented the “lost” picture but all turned out well in end.

So here’s to organization!


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  1. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? I love organizing, then sitting back and enjoying the fruits of all that labor. The pictures you chose are wonderful by the way. What sort of animal is that?

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