Take the good with the bad


Yesterday was one of those days that doesn’t make much sense. The first half of the day went as planned. I gathered everything that I needed and set off to my church’s business fair to work my booth.

Let me say I have never done this before and had freaked out the previous night trying to figure out what I was going to talk to people about. I mean, I’m a writer and an artist, not a plumber or personal assistant, so it’s a little more abstract. My husband was very helpful and picked couple of my bog entries to have available as examples and it helped that my art work was on display in the fellowship hall.

I got one more order for a photograph and sold to matted prints. All in all the art show has been amazing. I have made double my cost and a little more. It was really encouraging to see the response be so positive. All in all with the business fair and the rapping of the show it was a good morning.

Then I got home and it was like the ground opened up and ate me. I don’t think I’ll ever grow accustomed to the seeming paradoxes in life: one minuet cloud nine, the next face in the mud. But there is a wiser (I hope) part of me that knows that the wonderful moments are just as transient as the difficult ones and neither define my life as a whole. They color it and make me a better person.

So I’ll take the days successes with the seeming difficulties and know that today, I have new choices and new opportunities to make this day anything I want it to be.


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