Change your mind


That is what I feel like today (pic to the right). Somehow my week went from calm and no obligations, vaulting into obligations every day this week in the span of 24hrs. Life is so crazy.

There is only one things to do on a day like this; take inventory of the good things.

-I woke up this morning, good to be alive

-I have a sweet loving husband

-I have three wonderful cats

-I am doing what I love to do

-I am not in any form of real lack or need.

-My family and friends are doing well

-I have family and friends

It is funny how two minuets of thinking about the good in your life changes things. So, I will be open to the day before me, I will let myself be amazed by how easily it can all get done. I will offer myself and others grace, knowing there is enough time, resources and love for all of us. Thank you God.


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