Lucky Office


For the past week or so I’ve really been avoiding working in my office. I’m not sure if its been the crazy schedule, lack of motivation or what but I just didn’t want to be in there.

I could write find in the living room or other parts of the house but not in there. I would lose focus and feel bad. So I decided to Fung Shui my office according to my “lucky directions.” This is calculated off of the year you were born according the to Chinese calendar. (

My directions are:

East (facing the window) personal growth.

North(left wall) improve health.

West (door opposite window) not a good direction for me.

South (right wall)Money and success.

South/East (right upper corner) attract love.

As you can see in the first two pictures not only was my desk positioned facing my “bad” direction, the room was too full and very scattered.

I started by moving the desk to the right wall to face my success direction. My meditation altar was already in the right place on my health wall. I moved the book-case to the other side of the personal growth wall so that I could make a small sitting area to read and do my quiet time in the mornings. In the right upper comer I made a point of gathering a few pictures and items that remind me of my husband and put them there.

I stopped after two hours- and looked around the room, I couldn’t believe the change. It was so open and the feeling I have now it completely different. There is a wonderful positive energy flowing . I took an incense stick and smudged the room to reset the balance. I can’t wait to do my meditation tomorrow morning, I know that this will be a much more productive space from now on.


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  1. That sounds wonderful! I’m so glad your space is comfortable and positive now. Thank you for posting the link, I’ll have to look into trying this for my study/meditation room.

  2. divine….good luck….

    .my grand daughter just 5 yrs but enlightened little master will pray her garments before wearing so one day I ask her why?
    she replies for communication to feel wonderful……….
    .., make every breath prayer…every work prayer….
    eternity is dancing on eternity like football, eternal space inside and outside in between the leather, the body the gift of parents to us so they are our first god…

    body is your guru and guide…so show gratitude every morning and evening to it means keep beautiful , wear perfume of happiness,

    happiness is prayers and thanks to god….

    let happiness be the product of all your work..

    bless you…

    • I totally agree, when I started doing yoga about a year ago it was difficult but when I let go of what I “should” be doing and let my body speak I came to love the postures and the silence that it created within. Thank you so much for your post.

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