So last night we began a grand new experiment- letting the cats sleep where they want. Now I know some of you are thinking “what’s the big deal?” Well let me tell you.

Mr.P (Pascal-black) only likes to sleep outside, unless the weather is bad.

Sandy(white and tan) wants to sit on any lap any time and at night sleep on top of you.

Ben (Gray) Likes to sleep next to you in the bed, but will bug the mess out of you when he’s ready to get up. As well has having the lungs of an opera singer (he has cried for more than an hour straight before) and he hates being too close to the other cats.

So in the past they have been sequestered in the kitchen at night; contained by two lattice wood doors and a big wooden frog. We tried to make it comfortable, putting out kitty beds and towels on chairs. But Ben would still cry every night for about 20 minuets.

During the re-painting of the living room we took the doors down and ironically they are the one thing not finished yet. So I have been putting the boys in the garage every night with a litter box and food. After a few days pillows and towels arrived but I felt bad locking them up like that.

Last night over dinner we were talking about it and decided to give it a go and see how things turned out. So far so good. Ben slept with us, Mr.P went out and Sandy roamed. I am hopeful that this can be a permanent positive change. But we’ll see, they haven’t started “playing” yet.


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  1. Except in certain unusual circumstances, I’ve always let my cats sleep wherever, and sometimes I’ve had as many as 13 of them at once. Ditto with my four dogs. They slept with ME. I’m afraid I’ve never been one not to allow my animals on the furniture, as seems to be the standard with many people. My animals have always been my friends and children, and my furniture has always been theirs too.

  2. We’ve not really had many problems with letting ours sleep wherever. In the summer, they tend to mostly stay out of the bed and sleep in various other places, like night stands, the tile floor, the leather couch, etc. In the winter though, it’s another story. Then they ALL want to be in the bed at the same time.

  3. I have one cat that is scared of all living things except me. Seriously, she panicked at the site of a ducking, so she is alone upstairs. The rest get the run of the house and outside. I just need a revolving door to keep them truly happy.

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