What are some of your favorite sounds?


What are some of your favorite sounds?

For me it would be: cats purring, that contented sigh when my husband relaxes, wind in pine trees, rain, the ocean and silence.


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  1. my son gently breathing when he is asleep, the dinner bell, ducks quacking away in a pond, the whirl of a hummingbirds wings

  2. raindrops hitting the lake surface, ocean waves crashing onto the shore, seagulls, the crackling of the winter fire, cats purring, horse hoofs at a trot, geese honking as they fly overhead, and the sound of my heartbeat filling my ears after a good workout.

  3. My son laughing, rain on a metal roof, ocean waves, my cats purring, I also love silence. Living in the city, I don’t hear that ever.

    JohnMac should say that he loves his wife’s singing!!!!!!!!!

  4. Crows cawing. The sound of horses munching on hay, and the sound of their pounding hooves when they run. The rain. Sounds of someone cooking in the kitchen with the radio turned quietly on. The clacking of my keyboard. Crickets singing, too.

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