Girl’s night out-what’s the big deal?


Last night I went out with some friends for a much-needed girls night. Now I know that this phenomenon is a mystery to some. Why would late 20’s and 30-somethings leave their husbands and children at home to go out?

Its quiet simple really, we need to remember that we can be sexy, loud and say what we want. I can say for me (I fall in to the 30-somethings group) that I need the time with just other women. I spend everyday, all day with my husband (we both work at home) and I need the freedom of begin with other women who just get things because their female and married to.

Also I need to remember that I can be sexy. I have been married for four years and twice a year on birthdays and anniversaries I might dust off my stuff, if my husband hasn’t decided that we are going to the middle of no where which is what he likes to do. As a woman I need to remind myself that I am attractive and fun. For me this doesn’t’ mean going out to clubs or getting wasted, just the opportunity to put in a little more effort once in a while.

We went to this great place that serves quesdillas and nachos free during happy hour if you order a drink. But to me a “girls night” could be any girlie excursion: like getting coffee and browsing a book store with a friend, going to the garden store to help pick out the perfect plants, hitting garage sales or good will for those awesome funky pieces and mani-petty splurges. It doesn’t matter “what” you are doing as long as you are doing it with other women, no kids or husbands.

Women really need these kinds of connections. We thrive on the ability to be honest and speak our minds unedited if only for the sake of a good rant. It helps us process and remember that we are not the only one who gets frustrated with the kids, or upset at our husbands. But what is often unknown, is all the bragging we do as well. Mixed in with all those  frustrations, we compare the great stories too: How we met our spouses, what are kids are up too, what made us laugh so hard was cried.

Girls night is a modern version of the sewing circle, dinner on the grounds and all those ways we used to be more inter-connected. As our society spreads far and wide, and digital connections become our only links to family. We find that it  can’t fill the space of real togetherness.

So here’s to girls night, letting you hair down and celebrating all the things that make our lives wonderful and crazy.


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  1. 4 of us oldielocks met for lunch and more than one round of “mini-bellinis” at a great restaurant yesterday…what fun! Then same crowd met that night at our house for BD party, spouses included – different dynamics, all good.

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