Self love- lesson 365


I have often wondered how people do it, have so much belief in a dream or a goal that against all odds they pursue it with passion and enthusiasm. I stand back in awe and think “wish I could do that.” Because it’s just not that easy for me.

I start off every week with the best intentions. I make small goal lists for myself and cross things off. I try to remember that I’m a beginner and sometimes it is going to be rough. But sometimes, like this morning, I notice that I have a choice: I can start off defeating myself or believing in myself.

It isn’t always easy to choose to believe in a project when you know your limitations and others make a point of reminding you as well. So I have decided to be kind to myself. To remember why I write: for fun and joy of hearing my characters talking, learning and experiencing, that wonderful sense of accomplishment when a piece of the plot falls into place.

I may not get it right, I may struggle, rewrite and edit until I just can’t stand to look at it any more but I’m not giving up. Not on my dreams. There have been many times when I let my own cruel thoughts or someone’s opinion stop me or change my mind. But not today.

Today I am going to love myself, believe in my dreams and work hard towards my goals. Maybe I’ll have issues, maybe I won’t, the only way I’ll find out is to keep writing and that is what I plan to do.


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  1. divine…..walk in nature… with nature…..

    creativity is nature of god and nature is creativity of god….

    be creative all the time breath to breath……

    love all…

  2. Everyone struggles, even if they don’t show it. You are a wonderful writer, and a beautifully creative soul.

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