Clean body, clean mind


I have noticed this wonderful phenomenon in my life: when I take a shower or bath I feel better. This is in part to nice, warm water causing relaxation but there is something deeper as well.

I feel like I scrubbed off more than just a layer of dead skin, like I left all the day’s issues and struggles in the tub and if I choose they go down the drain with the bubbles. Water is a very interesting substance, in great enough quantities it defies the earth’s hold on us, in small ones it refreshes and keeps us alive.

I remember as a child swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted to learn to float on my back but I didn’t trust myself, so I would always bend and then inevitably sin; until I learned to trust the water and make myself expansive enough to float. I can feel that sensation: salt air, sea gulls silent above and little fish nipping at my toes. The sense of being suspended between worlds, part of the tide.

A bath is like a mini version of this with aroma therapy. I love using salts and oils to make my bath an oasis from stress or  a luxuriant “I love me” moment. A shower on the other hand is more like getting caught in the summer rain. In Florida it rains a lot in late summer (hurricane season), the funny thing being that the sun will be shining and rain will pour down for 15-30 min and then dissipate. My sister and I used to love to run outside and play in the warm showers.

There is something cleansing on a different level about standing in the rain. Often I find myself detached from nature in my air-conditioned car and house, that when nature grabs me by the hand and says, “wait, you’ll like this,” I have to remember to go with it. I see people running from the chance to be a part of the world, instead of embracing the moment. But nature finds us anyway; in the water I drink, splash over my face and float in.

So this morning I’m grateful for clean water: hot,cold and tepid, for the chance it gives to refresh and remember.


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  1. I love this post! Especially the “wait, you’ll like this” bit. It’s so true, we shut ourselves away most of the time – it’s nice when nature wakes us up, and reminds us that we are natural too.
    I also love the photo. What beautiful colors.

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