Paddington or Poo?


Are you a Paddington or a Poo?

It is a very serious question and one my sister and I answered years ago. There is something wonderful and charming about these two characters. They are both bumbling, have fixations on certain foods and come from non-American origins. So it help you better decide I will list some of their qualities and attributes.

Paddington so named for that station in London where the Brown family found him. He is originally from Peru and was sent to London by train, with a tag about his neck that said “please look after this bear, thank you.” He loves marmalade and magic tricks. He is very curious and finds himself in trouble a lot because of this nature. The browns are a family of four (Mom,Dad, Son, Daughter) and the children are older, tweens. They love Paddington and help him out a lot.

Winnie the Poo– So named by Christopher Robin the little boy he belongs too. Unlike Paddington, Poo is a toy and lives in the hundred acre wood with the other toys that belong to his boy. Poo is a lovable, forgetful bear with a big love of honey. He and his friends have many adventures in the woods, several having to do with honey or finding honey. Poo is a gentle creature, completely loyal and simple in his love of Christopher Robin. He never gives up and always believes.

So who are you?

I am a Padding ton: Looking for adventure, spice and often finding myself in unexpected messes.

My sister is a Poo: Loyal, big-hearted and very friendly.

P.S I also like marmalade and she likes honey!


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