Question of the Week


Where do you think creativity comes from?

I ask because I have encountered lots of theories during my time as an art teacher.

1- Some people think that it is inherent and you’re just born with it.

2- Others think it is a skill you perfect over time.

3- And still others feel that everyone is creative and it is only a matter of how it is expressed.

So tell me what you think, I’m dying to know.


5 responses »

  1. I think creativity is somewhat linked to spare time… I say that because people who have, or take time seem to be more creative. I also believe it is something everyone has, but expresses or lets out to different extent.

  2. For me, it is the creative spark of God that dwells within us all…that part of us made in God’s image that allows us to participate in the creative act. How and when we choose to exercise that gift is up to our free will…whether we choose to acknowledge it is an act of our free will. The uniqueness of the gift is that , though we are all ‘gifted’ we each have a unique individual way to express that gift. Difersity is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

  3. Creativity comes from Curiosity! … holds true for any living thing… children, adults or even animals. .. 😉

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