What the heck is that!


A few days ago my husband called me onto the front porch to  see a “really big” bug. I have always been fond of most living things so I hopped up and there on the doorstep was a huge green caterpillar, about 4-5 inches long, with a very distinct barb on it rear. He was taking advantage of the shade and not moving very much.

I had never seen a caterpillar that big before. To be honest the spike kinda freaked me out a little bit, but I got a stick and put him in the grass. I didn’t think much more about it. Then yesterday my husband calls me outside again to witness the invasion. There were probably six of these caterpillars eating the tomato plants in out front yard garden.

For the most part we were okay with that, the tomatoes haven’t done will this year. I watched as the little guys strategically chomped away holding the stem with their tiny feet. Now I had to know what they were. So I jumped on-line and found out that they are called Hornworms and love tomatoes and all plants related to the tomato.

The big one we found we just about the right size to start changing. They burrow underground for 2-3 weeks and then come out as a beautiful moth and the cycle starts again. After the summer is over they apparently stay dormant all winter until the spring.

I can’t wait tot see the moths.



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