Dream Pet


I have always had pets, mostly cats and dogs, with a few fish thrown in here and there for good measure. But my dream pet in high school was an iguana.

From the first time that I saw my friend’s bright green, salad eating, branch climbing pet, I knew I had to have one. There were two major problems with that one: lack of cash but more importantly my dad.

My dad hates most reptiles but especially snakes. So when I asked him about a lizard, I got a flat “no” and then “lizards are snakes with legs.” The iguana did not fly, nor did any other reptile. By the time I moved out, I was living in apartments that wouldn’t let me have a reptile. And now I have three cats and that’s just not fair to a critter in a cage.

I still wander through that section of the pet store, dreamily staring at the bearded dragons, iguanas and box turtles. I’m sure one day I will have a heat loving, salad eating pet, but for now I’ll stick with the furry kind. And keep teasing my husband that one day we’ll have a zoo.

Did you have a dream pet? I’d love to know what it was.


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