Alice or Dorothy?


It’s an interesting question. So here are the options:

ALICE: She is curious to a fault, seeking out adventure without considering the consequences. She is bored with her everyday life and knows there is something better out there. She loves to give people advice but very seldom follows it herself. Though characters help her through out the story, she mostly travel’s alone through wonderland. Alice escapes this world when she realizes that the Queen has not real power over her. Alice creates a dream world where everything is the way she likes it and then finds that she doesn’t like it at all, maybe there is a use to all those rules.

*I see Alice people as those who really know who they are, very assertive and sometimes insensitive. They believe they know that path ahead and forge on not matter what. This lands them in lots of difficult and challenging situations but like Alice they find that they have the means to deal with it and come out on top. Alice personalities are the adventures in our lives, they relish the new, bold and different, showing us how diverse things can be. They  keep us on our toes.

DOROTHY: Is taken by a force of nature to another world. She suddenly finds herself a hero when her house lands on top of a bad witch and she is given the ruby slippers. But unlike Alice, Dorothy knows where she belongs – at home and she’ll do anything to get there. Along the way she picks up friends (Lion, Tin-man and Scarecrow),  and they help her to reach the Emerald city.

But it’s not that simple. This nice girl is told that if she wants to go home she has to kill another witch. After all the witch business is done, she finds the wizard cannot keep his word. Enter the good witch, she tells Dorothy that she has had the power all along in the slippers but has to realize it, before she can go home.

*I see Dorothy people as those wonderful big-hearted dreamers. They love people deeply and are satisfied with those connections. Uncertain at times, they always have a close band of friends who encourage and support them. When these type of people realize the power of their dreams watch out, they usually end up changing the world.
So who are you? or are you a combo?


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  1. The author is 98% Dorothy it seems 🙂 There’s that sense of air in the post!
    I’m not sure whose side I’m going to be … hmmm it’s a combo I guess.

    • Actually I’m more of a Alice but she is so straight forward that I don’t really have to go on and on the explain her. My sis is so a Dorothy, which is why she is an amazing mom. I’m too busy chasing rabbits to go there just yet. Thanks for the comment.

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