My sister


So I realized that in a lot of posts lately I have been talking about my sister. I hope that you can tell from the tone of them how much I love and adore her. I know that what we have  is a rare thing and that not all siblings feel the way we do about each other.

Jenn is two years and four days younger than me but in a lot of regular ways she is much wiser.  Growing up all three of us (I have an older brother) stayed together. As a military family, we moved every two and a half years for most of my childhood.

My mom home schooled us, for which I will forever be great full. It bonded the three of us in ways we can’t even express. Constantly having to make new friends and connections only brought us closer together. Growing up Jenn was my playmate, secret keeper and best friend.

As we got older we did a lot together: art classes, choir and musicals. Though we branched in different directions (Jenn-music, me-art) we loved and respected each other’s gifts and never fell into that sibling competition thing, it just wasn’t worth it to us.

My senior year in high school we knew a big change was on the horizon, I would be leaving for college. We decided together to read the bible through that year and we did. I never would have accomplished that goal on my own without her. To this day she is still one of the biggest supports in my life.

I watch her with her two kids and think, “I want to be like that,” loving and calm, making a place where my children feels safe and know who they are. Aside from being a great mom, my sister is a singer song writer. She performs regularly in her home town and at her church where she and her husband help with worship. Her love of music and God are evident in all that she does. She shares her gifts freely with family, friends and students.

I can’t imagine my life without her in it. So here’s to the worlds best sister. You’ve never given up on me and I’m never giving up on you. I love you more than words can say.


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  1. What more can a proud mother say…other than watching the three of you grow and mature into blessed adults who willingly share your gifts is the greatest gift a parent can know.

  2. Amanda Thanks so much. There are so many days when I beat myself up for being less than perfect. To know that my big sister who has been my role model my whole life thinks such wonderful things about me is such an encouragement. It’s just nice to remember that even when we are so hard on ourselves there is always the ones we love rutting us on. Thank you for that. Jenn

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