What you do together


As a couple it can be hard to find things to do together that you BOTH enjoy. There are lots of things that I enjoy or my husband does but the list of things we both enjoy is pretty short.

Of course we have a lot of healthy compromise going on most of the time. I will hike for one to two hours, not four and he will go to the zoo every six months or so, not every month like me.

The first year we were married (4yrs ago) we were given a Harry Potter book as a present and we decided to read it together. It was fun and relaxing to sit together and read the story back and forth; making up our own voices and talking about which characters we liked best.

Since then we have read lots of books together. My husband is very fond of the classics so we have read: Robinson Caruso, Treasure island, Gulliver’s travels, Tom Sawyer and more. I like literary and historical fiction myself, so when its my pick we read things like: Water for Elephants, One thousand white women, The joy luck club ect.

We don’t always like the books we pick and sometimes we are surprised. But what is more important is that we make a little time for the two of us.

So what do you do, to make a connection with your other?

Just so you know we are currently ready a cyber punk book called “Snow Crash,” its good so far.


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  1. I wish were were that good at compromise. Our “compromise” is me doing it alone, and him sitting on the couch as always. You two are very lucky to have such a wonderful relationship.

    • It takes effort sometimes and sometimes I don’t go on the hike either. But if we don’t make time for each other, we will never have positive experiences to help us through those inevitable times when we will have the negative ones. We watch movies together to but I like that more than him. So we usually end up watching the “cake boss” we both like and its funny. I thin we were watching “red dwarf” before that.

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