Choices and Changes


If you’re like me you chug along through life mostly content to stop and notice the things that have accumulated over time. After four years of working at it I have a loving relationship with my husband, three funny cats and a house. But more than that I can see the person I have become because of these choices and changes.

I used to be a very scared, uncertain person. I delayed dreams and put everything else first. Now I am stronger, I go for the things that I want and I am learning that if I don’t live me, I can’t really love anyone else.

It is always surprising and interesting the way life pushes you into change. Sometimes it is the small thing that pile up and sometimes it is a gigantic leap of faith. This morning I stand mid-air in one of those big leaps of faith. My husband has accepted a job that will require us to relocate, very soon. Though this is a bit over whelming, I know it is the right choice for us.

This isn’t the first time I have made such a leap so it doesn’t feel like life or death, but I remember when it did. I moved right after college to the other side of the United States far away from everything and everyone that I knew. I wasn’t sure those first few weeks if I could stand the homesickness, in an apartment with no furniture and a baby cat.

But I remember that it turned out just fine and I learned that I am strong and that good things do come to those who wait. So as I sit here thinking about the enormity of moving, I remind myself that I have done this before and I’ll probably do it again. But most importantly that I choose it.

I choose to go to a new place and meet new people. I choose to support my husband in his happiness and well-being. I choose to see this as an opportunity and an adventure. I choose to see this as God looking out for us and providing for us. I don’t know how it will all work out in the time line we have been given but I know that it is possible and more than that it is possible to do with joy.

So that is what I am going to do, embrace this change with hope, love and joy; knowing that it is a blessing, even mid-air.


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