Moving: Step one


My husband and I are in the process from moving from Texas to Virgina in a little over a month. I’m telling you this now, because I have a  strong inclination that I will be writing about it a lot. This is our first Saturday since our decision and we have step one in place: finish all the half-finished projects.

We really don’t have that many lying around. There is Jared’s study, the slat doors for the living room and a tiny bit of finish painting in our bathroom. I don’t know if we will get the doors painted but they will get sanded and hopefully one coat on.

It is the nature of moving that you leave things behind to gain new experiences and people in your life. I can say that I have enjoyed living in Fort Worth. It is a nice town and the people I have known here very friendly and warm. That said, I don’t have a huge attachment to it either. I think this is in part to moving so much as a child. It takes several years for my to feel like I know a place and even longer for me to come to love it. I have come to know Texas but I don’t love it.

As if I needed one more thing in the middle of all this, I am going to Coast Rica for a week. I know crazy, right? But the trip was planned and paid for before we knew about the job and just happens to fall smack in the middle of everything. I’m still going. I have a friend who has taken a year off to live there. (No she’s not independently wealthy, she is a high school English teacher, who cashed in her retirement for a dream.) I am excited to go see her and take lots of wonderful photographs.

The Realtor comes on Monday to look at the house and talk to us about options for selling or renting. This is all over my head. Thank God my husband is so together; he is very good at this kind of stuff, the details. In the mean time I will be doing inventories of  the house and starting to make things go away. There are somethings regardless of size that  will not be going with us. And things like my books that can get packed any time.

So this is us embracing change, choosing to be excited and open to the new things coming into our lives, more to come.


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