The times, they are a changin’


As I sit here in the quiet of my living room, flanked by two fluffy cats, I remember how blessed I am. This move has stirred up so many things and my mind is fighting hard to make it go faster, be more efficient ect. But my heart wants to take a moment to think about how far we have come.

This is the house that I moved into right after I got married. It is the only place that my husband and I have lived together. We bought this house two years ago. I had never pictured myself as a home owner and it filled a huge longing in me to have a place that was mine.

We have painted and repaired, planted and pruned with love, laughter and grumbles. We got our cat Sandy here or I should say he chose us. Jared and I have become a family of two under this roof and for that I am so grateful. I hope that whoever lives here after us has the same joy of making this not just a house but a home.

So as I let go of this being “our” house, I look forward to the next step in our lives together. I don’t know what it will look like or how it will all turn out, but I do know that if it even vaguely resembles this blessing, it will be more than enough.


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