Pizza and The Cake Boss


It is funny over time how we change our minds about things. We all do it but as a woman I know that I am re-evaluating all the time. I used to think that being loved had to do with grand gestures and “perfect” moments. I’ll take last night over  them any day.

My husband and I went to the grocery store late last (7:30-8pm). After the shopping was done I realized that we hadn’t had dinner yet. So I told him to go grab anything he wanted. This is unusual, because I normally do that. He trotted off one way and I the other, on the condition that we would meet in the front.

By the time I made it back he was there with two pizzas under his arms. Now pizza is the food the I could eat way too much of, all the time. So on a day like this one it would have been my easy choice. It made me smile that he decided to go with something that would make me happy.

We got home unload and put everything away. When the pizza’s were ready I said “why don’t we watch some Cake Boss.” Now most men wouldn’t really go for watching a show about an Italian family in NY that owns a bakery but my husband is awesome like that. So we snuggled up on the couch, chomped the pizza and laughed at the sweetness of a little time together.

When I compare this moment of being with my best friend, who loves me and knows me so well, all those “prefect” moments seem empty in comparison.


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  1. I think my hubby and I have eaten pizza 3 times in the last week… we love it so much… we’re just enablers of each other, it’s terrible. LOL.

    I know what you mean about the “perfect” moments. I love those times when we’re just sitting on the couch, eating junk food, and laughing at people on reality television. The joy of togetherness and the simplicity of each other’s company — that’s what it’s all about.

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