Non-stop here I go!


In the next two weeks I am going to be constantly traveling with a brief, wash your laundry and re-pack stop in between.

Next week my husband and I will travel to Charlottesville VA to find a place to live. I think we are very close to having a plan of what to do here, so that is helping with the nerves. This picture is so inspiring, I can’t believe that  in a month I’m going to live there. Though its daunting I am ready for the change. I plan to take the laptop with me so I’ll be posting pictures of our adventures and of course the place that we pick.

Then I come home for three days and leave the U.S for Costa Rica. My amazing friend is living there for a year. I have never known anyone so brave, she cashed in her retirement and went for it. This is her blog about her experiences far:

I will be there for a week come home and pack to move to Virgina! What I want out of my time with Eve is the chance to take LOTS of amazing photographs and enjoy nature. I have missed that connection being here in Texas. I don’t mean Texas over all but living in a city with no mountains, no open space has quieted a part of me that I am ready to re-awaken. So I will be taking the laptop and up loading pictures as well I keeping up with the blogging.

I am not writing or editing right now because there is just too much to get done and I need the daylight hours. But I know that once we are settled I will find my rhythm again. So in the coming weeks look under the “Moving and Costa Rica” tabs and check out what is going on. I look forward to sharing this crazy time in my life with you.


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