Letting it go


As you can see I am a bit of a pack rat. I just can’t seem to help myself. Periodically to counter this, I will dig everything out and go through it discarding a few things here and there.

The last time this occurred we got rid of an old china cabinet, that was a hard one. Now that I am moving I find there are some things that not only need to go but I want them to.

Jared and I have been together for six years and our furniture looks like we got together in college. It is such a mish-mash of left overs. I am so excited to be kicking some of it to the curb (well actually the Salvation Army).

There is a really old coach from his grandmother, the burnt orange recliner, this rocking chair and footstool and many other “odd” items that don’t reflect us very well. So yesterday we walked through the hole house talking and writing it all down. I feel like we are choosing the right to have less and more authentic belongings (the TV is going too).

This morning I am making the first of several runs to Good Will on the small stuff. We will have to call and get a truck to come pick up the rest. It feels good to let go of the old stuff, it has served us well and I am grateful but it is time to move on. May it bless someone else.


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  1. Some close friends of ours moved away this past May, and took only what they could fit in their pickup truck, and a small u-haul trailerhitch. Everything else was sold or donated. Their idea was to start fresh, with new furniture, dishware, activities, everything. They sold their raquetball equipment to me, trading raquetball for kayaking in their new environment. I love the idea of starting fresh somewhere new. You are getting a chance to reinvent- enjoy it!

  2. It is always refreshing to clean things out! If you have some womens clothes that you are passing on, please let me know. My friend is always needing clothes for her closet ministry. She allows women to come in and get clothes, shoes, accessories for free! I can pick them up from you if that helps.
    And… are you coming back to yoga before you leave??

    • I am hoping to make it to a class next week but I don’t know, we are house hunting in Virgina and then I leave for Coast Rica. If I have any clothes I will be sure to let you know.

  3. I know this feeling well. I just packed my entire world up into a 10X12 storage shed and moved to Costa Rica with nothing more than a back pack and two suitcases. I gave away, sold, or trashed so much stuff- it was fabulous. And I know that when I eventually unearth the stuff I did keep and move it to a new home (which will happen at some point, I’m sure) I will be purging even more things that no longer apply to who I am. I’m actually looking forward to that in the far distant future. For now, everything that really, really matters in my day-to-day life fits into a pair of suitcases, and the honest truth is that I could probably whittle that down to one if I had to- I really don’t need all the clothes I brought with me. It’s strangely freeing.

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